Memory Care

Understanding Memory Care. What is Memory Care?

When searching for a Boise memory care community, it’s important to know the distinct differences between Memory Care and other types of senior communities. Although it would be easy to think that any senior community that has residents with dementia is a Memory Care community, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Memory Care communities, like Emerson House in Boise, ID, were created solely to serve the needs of people with Alzheimer’s and other medical dementias.

These needs may include supervision 24/7 by specially trained staff, specialized communication techniques and management of difficult behavior. People with Alzheimer’s and other medical dementias may also need cuing or hands on help with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, eating, transferring from bed to a chair or wheelchair, toileting or other personal care. Because many people with dementia wander, many Memory Care communities also provide a secure environment that allows a person to move freely within the community, but prevents them from leaving without supervision.

What do Memory Care communities do?

Memory Care communities do more than address the mental and physical changes brought about by dementia. At Emerson House, we know that memory impairments can change how a person thinks, acts and feels. These changes often present special challenges for families. An ordinary conversation, for example, can be quite frustrating when your loved one has difficulty remembering from one moment to the next what has been said.

These challenges are equally frustrating for the person with dementia. A Memory Care community gives the person with dementia permission to be exactly who they are and allows them to receive the help they need without judgement or shame.

Some Things to Consider When Choosing a Memory Care Community:

  • Can they provide care for people at all stages of dementia? Will my love one have to move if his/her needs change?
  • Was the community built solely for memory care or was memory care added?
  • Do they have experience working with dementias other than Alzheimer’s, such as vascular or Lewy Bodies?
  • Are there separate residential areas for people at different stages of dementia?
  • Are the care plans person-centered?
  • What are the opportunities for family involvement?
  • How does the fee structure work? Is there one flat fee, or separate fees for housing and care?
  • Are the activities meaningful and appropriate to each resident’s interest and cognitive level?
  • What is the staff’s experience and training with dementia?

Why Emerson House at Riverpointe?

You’ll find peace knowing your loved one will receive the care and kindness they need to live life in comfort and with dignity and respect.  Our community was designed specifically for patients with dementia and memory problems.

Consider a complimentary consultation – We’ll even come to you.
It’s far more effective to see an individual in the environment that they are comfortable in. We’re happy to conduct a thorough cognitive screening of your loved one and provide coaching to help you understand his or her needs more fully.

If you’re considering an Memory Care community in Boise, Idaho, we’re here for you! 

We believe you have to understand each person on an individual basis; their medical, physical and social needs. Every resident is important to us and quality starts with the time we give to them.

Come See the Difference

Choosing a memory care community is a big responsibility. Discover the connections that are still available.

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