What to Look for in a Memory Care Community

When your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia, it is essential to begin making plans for where they will live as their disease progresses. At first, you may want to decide to stay at home; however, as the disease progresses, their care needs to continue to increase. Memory care communities are designed [...]

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Assisted Living vs Memory Care

Assisted living and memory care Assisted living and memory care isn't the nightmare that some imagine it to be. For example, it can be a fun and exciting new horizon because of the new friendships you can make. But what if you have a faulty memory that can hinder this? Is memory care the solution? [...]

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How to Help an Elderly Parent With Dementia

When it comes to our parents, it can be pretty difficult when we see that they are no longer able to care for themselves safely. It takes a lot of patience and flexibility to care for your loved ones, especially when you have an elderly parent with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Nevertheless, there are some [...]

What to do When Your Spouse Has Dementia

A diagnosis of Dementia is difficult for everyone, but it can take an unusually large toll on the spouse. You want to stay true to the vows you made when you got married, but 'that's not an easy task. Caring for a spouse or partner with Dementia can range from a minor bump in the [...]

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How often should I visit my parent in the nursing home?

Having a parent or loved one who is no longer able to live alone safely can be an incredibly stressful time for everyone involved. - Especially when the reason is due to Alzheimer's or dementia. You may be wondering how you can ensure your parent is taken care of when they move into a Boise [...]

Quality of Life in Assisted Living Homes

Quality of Life at Assisted Living Near Me You may be wondering what your quality of life will be like when you move into assisted living. Leaving your home is a tough decision, and you want to make sure that you will be happy when you make the transition to assisted living. You are looking [...]

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What assisted living expenses are tax deductible?

Everyone wants to maximize their deductions at tax time. If you or your loved one lives in an assisted living facility, there are some deductions for senior living expenses that you could claim. Some senior living expenses like medical and assisted living expenses are tax-deductible. What assisted living expenses are tax deductible? Your financial situation [...]

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Memory Care Assisted Living: Activities to do With Dementia Patients

When a loved one moves into a memory care assisted living community, it is a transition for everyone in the family. Little ones may miss seeing their grandparents often. You might miss talking to your parent. Or not having that time you would normally spend together can be very hard. Visiting regularly can help manage [...]

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Dementia Care Services: Steps for Evaluating Memory Care Communities

Many families like yours are struggling with an Alzheimer's, dementia, or a memory related diagnosis. When combined with the health issues of aging parents, it may be hard to meet everyone's medical and care needs. You may be busy with work, your own health issues or may not feel confident in your ability to provide [...]

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Choosing The Best Alzheimer’s Health Care Facilities

One day, you and your family might have to face the situation where your loved one with Alzheimer’s disease needs to be moved into an Alzheimer care facility. They may not be able to take care of themselves and it may not be safe for them to live alone anymore. You may be here in [...]

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